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Foot and Mouth Disease UK 2001

UBA Foot and Mouth FAQ

In the initial days of the epidemic, a dearth of hard background information about the disease soon became apparent. A consequence of this was a number of newsgroup contributors independently researching resources worldwide and reporting the results on the newsgroup. This in turn fostered a considerable volume of informed and detailed discussion. Scientific papers were analysed and compared. A number of experts were contacted and their opinions on particular aspects of the disease, preventative and eradication methodologies were solicited.

UBA Foot and Mouth FAQ, compiled by Sarah Wroot, is an attempt to bring together in one document the substance of those discussions. This FAQ concentrates on animals/facts important in the UK FMD 2001 epidemic.

Foot and Mouth Disease Newsgroup uk.business.agriculture
Reference Notes

Analysis by Peter N. Allen of paper published in "Science".

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