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2nd April 1998

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

Trereife campus 'best way forward'

Remarks in light of major report on university

by Diana Ayres
Staff Reporter

A UNIVERSITY based on a campus at Trereife, Penzance is still the best way forward, says a spokesman for Exeter University.

Stuart Franklin, Exeter University press officer said: "We have invested three years' work on this project and still think it is the best way forward."

His remarks come in the light of the publication of a major new report on the university situation in Cornwall.

Dr Alan Stanhope, Principal of Cornwall College highlights the need for one in the county suggesting the time is right for all parties to put aside competition and build upon the existing infrastructure to gain a university for Cornwall now.

The report, "Towards A University In Cornwall" calls for collaboration to achieve it for the good of the county. It follows the declaration by the four principals of the Cornish Further Education Colleges calling for coordination and co-operation.

Dr Stanhope says: "People are largely unaware of the amount of university courses already available in Cornwall. "What we are missing is the 'University' title which is so important to students and employers. The educational establishments that we already have need to work together to get the University title for the county. The time is now ripe to do this."

The report also recognises the good work of Exeter University, but suggests that their Penzance proposal seems to have stalled. But Mr Franklin disagrees. "The university has paid for an option for a further two months on Trereife," he says.

Once the option is secured Penwith Council will commission an economic impact study to assess the effects of the proposals. The University wants Penwith to spend £885,000 on buying Trereife, but the council will have to look carefully its request, especially in view of the reduced natureof the initial proposals.

Mr Franklin feels to talk about competition between the two schemes is wrong as both could be developed without it.

The Trereife plan proposes moving Camborne School of Mines there in the first phase of the development. Therefore listening to the debate about higher education with interest is its principal, Professor Keith Atkinson. He pointed out: "Camborne School of Mines needs increased facilities to compete in the international market." Adding: "What Cornwall needs is essentially a full researched based higher education provision."

Another group with an interest in the outcome is the Camborne and University of Cornwall Support group. Its members fully support the document "Towards A University In Cornwall" saying: "We again call on Exeter to remove the threat to Camborne's School of Mines and join in the vision outlined in this important document."

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