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12th March 1998

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

Top businessman backs university

A LEADING industrialist who has told Westcountry business leaders to 'stop moaning', says he is fully behind the proposals for the proposed university in Cornwall.

Sir John Harvey-Jones, a former ICI chairman, has said that whilst he accepts there are real problems in some of the traditional industries, he was much more optimistic about the future of Devon and Cornwall "than the people down here seem to be."

Addressing a business meeting in Plymouth he said that he believes the future prosperity of the two counties will be largely created by the small and medium sized businesses, and the falling level of unemployment was an indication that this is already happening.

"What I especially wish to see here is an improvement in the education and skills of our workforce, with more young people going on to further education."

He added: "I am very much in favour of the proposed university in Cornwall."

On the tourism front, Sir John has expressed the need go get a higher grade of tourism, with visitors spending more money than at present.

"It is," he says, "the attitude of the people of the Westcountry that will determine its future. It is whistling in the wind to believe that the Government will simply come along with another handout from the taxpayer when problems arise."

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