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12th February 1998

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

Further delay in funding

THERE has been a further delay in Exeter University's bid for European funding for its proposed £33 million university campus at Penzance.

The university has been given more time by the Government Office of the South West's monitoring committee to assemble matching funding of £16.5 million from private sources.

It is the second time the committee has deferred a decision, but a university spokesman says it was still confident that the project will go ahead.

Negotiations are underway with two major mining companies which have close connections with Camborne School of Mines, whose move to the new campus has long been fundamental to the scheme.

Sir Geoffrey Holland, the university's vice-chancellor, has repeated his insistence that the school must move from the campus it now shares with Cornwall College at Pool.

"The present building and site are simply inadequate," he reiterated. "It must have modern facilities and equipment - and larger premises."

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