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4th December 1997

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

MK slams county neglect

THE failure of successive governments to set up a university centre in Cornwall, has been slammed by the Mebyon Kernow chairman Dick Cole.

He has condemned Westminster's neglect of Cornwall and has pledged that MK "would never put political advantage ahead of the best interests of Cornwall."

He has outlined the severe cost of neglect by successive governments which included a falling gross domestic product, the lowest wages in Britain, the highest unemployment levels in the South-West - and the lack of a university centre in the county.

"Experience over the last 20-30 years shows that Westminster is simply failing Cornish communities," he stressed. "London parties of whatever hue, have failed to supply the answers, and Cornwall has continued to suffer the imported dead-end politics of Westminster."

Mr. Cole described MK as "just ordinary people who know our land, who live here, who work here and fear for its future."

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