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20th November 1997

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

UK mail-shot for university plan

Every authority in the country to receive letter

By Joyce Channon
Chief Reporter

PENWITH Council's chairman is planning to spearhead his own mail-shot of every local authority in the UK in a bid to win widespread support for the University for Cornwall.

At an extraordinary meeting of the council last night, William Trevorrow was due to present a draft letter which will, if the motion is agreed, be sent to local authorities country-wide.

His letter states: "After a lengthy process the University of Exeter chose Penzance as the most suitable town to establish the University for Cornwall Campus.

"My authority has passed the following motion, unanimously - "That this Council fully supports the University of Exeter in its intent to site its Cornwall Campus at Trereife, Penzance, and calls on Central Government, its Agencies and the European Economic Commission to provide full financial support.

"My authority seeks your support in our quest to aid the University to secure the funding for the Campus. In such a deprived economic area the Campus, being the first ever in Cornwall, will be the catalyst to regeneration creating 1270 high value jobs and injecting £20 million per annum into it."

The letter continues: "Should your Authority feel able to support us, I would be pleased if you could successfully move a motion of support and forward it to me."

Another councillor, who has done much to promote the university cause, John Payne, was also due to propose that the council "fully supports the initiative and calls on Central Government, its Agencies and the European Commission to provide full financial support."

The Chairman's proposed 'mailshot' follows a suggestion from Mr Payne, who has reminded members that they had recently received a request from the City of Worcester seeking their (Penwith's) support to a motion on hunting.

"On reading this I thought it was a unique process and could be used with effect to assist the University of Exeter's Trereife funding campaign," he explained.

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