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13th November 1997

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

Apology on university

Minister's reply to MP George

FOLLOWING last week's damning comments from a civil servant about the Cornish University and the 'satisfactory' level of funding for higher education in Cornwall, St Ives MP, Andrew George has now received an apology from Mark Fisher, Minister for Arts.

The letter, referring to the comments from a civil servant within the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, states: "This paragraph was based on a misunderstanding of advice, received from the Department of Education and Employment.

"It does not reflect the true position of the Government on this important issue, and I very much regret that this error has slipped through."

Commenting on the reply, Mr George said: "I am glad that the Government has now seen fit to clarify its position over the proposed initiative for a University for Cornwall.

"The last thing that the campain for a university college based in Cornwall needed was such a negative statement from the Government.

"I am," he revealed, "still receiving hundreds of petitions every day and support for a university campus is very strong."

Mr George concluded: "I hope that we can now rely on a more positive approach to this much needed initiative from the Government.

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