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6th November 1997

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

It's time to put up or shut up

MP George calls on university critics to come out in the open

By Joyce Channon
Chief Reporter

UNIVERSITY critics should "put up or shut up," St Ives MP, Andrew George said on Tuesday.

He has called on those he believes are working to undermine the University for Cornwall project, to come out in the open and present themselves to the public.

Mr George's comments come at a time when the project is receiving huge popular support through the petitions currently being backed by The Cornishman and business groups.

Mr George said: "The Cornish University initiative has massive support locally. It is exactly what Cornwall needs. We've had enough bad news and it is time we all worked together to generate some good news for once."

The MP added: "It is annoying to find that some people within Cornwall have worked hard to use their influence to frustrate this initiative. To them I say: put up or shut up."

Mr George, who has again underlined his own personal commitment to the project went on: "I am determined that this goes ahead.

"Not only would this help Cornish students who want improved opportunities, but it would bring much-needed jobs and new investment into a particularly deprived area.

"I hope that everyone will pull together and make sure that this initiative is successful and that if anyone has any criticism, that they do so publicly so we can all understand if the project should take account of their concerns."

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