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11th September 1997

The following article appeared in today's The Cornishman:

University meeting with Commission

THE Millennium Commission's chief executive, Sir Eric Sorensen, has agreed to meet a Cornwall University delegation - headed by Exeter University ViceiChancellor, Sir Geoffrey Holland - at the Commission's London headquarters next month.

The meeting follows Sir Geoffrey's forthright and lengthy letter to the chief executive in July, in the wake of the Millennium Commission's rejection of the bid for university funding.

In his 1,300 word letter, Sir Geoffrey, dissected, demolished and deplored the Commission's reasons for turning down the funding request, and underlined the degree of feeling throughout the county following the Commission's decision.

According to Exeter University press officer, Stuart Franklin, the points raised in Sir Geoffrey Holland's letter had not been answered by Eric Sorensen.

"However," revealed Mr. Franklin this week, "he has agreed to Sir Geoffrey's request for a meeting so presumably all the points will be raised then."

In his letter to Eric Sorensen, Sir Geoffrey told him: "We have proposed a Millennium project which is substantial and will clearly mark the Millennium.

"It is neither ephemeral, nor for the elite few, nor for the benefit of tourists.

"It is for the people of Cornwall and particularly the young people of Cornwall - whose needs have been too long ignored. They deserved better of the Commission.

In conclusion, Sir Geoffrey formally requested a meeting with Eric Sorensen to discuss the decision and to hear his response to the points he had raised.

He expressed the hope that a meeting could be arranged at an early date, though added: "I realise now that we are unlikely to achieve that before the summer break."

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