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11th July 1997

The news of the rejection broke yesterday (10th July 1997). Today's lunchtime BBC television local news reports that a meeting is taking place today to decide on the next step for the project.

From today's Western Morning News (extract):

Sir Geoffrey [Holland] said: "The commission's decision is particularly disappointing because the other parts of the funding jigsaw are falling into place.

"We have been told this is exactly the kind of project that Europe is looking to fund and there has been strong support in terms of private finance."

He stressed: "With millennium funding we could have built the whole campus at once. Without it, we could still proceed in stages."

One of the reasons given for turning the project down was its lack of a wider community benefit though it would have provided higher education opportunities for 5,000 students.

Sir Geoffrey said: "It seems extraordinary to me that they can question the community benefit of a project that would transform the Cornish economy and provide much needed new opportunities for young people.

"Our job now is to explore more and varied approaches to funding the campus.

"The need for a university campus in Cornwall still exists and this remains the best solution for Cornwall," he added.

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